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Pharmaceutical producers can engage in intelligent demand evaluation, organisational reorganisation, and responsible financial management with the aid of an ERP. Additionally, a strong ERP system for the pharmaceutical business may aid pharma manufacturers in revisiting and redesigning their supply chain plans to make the chains even more resilient, responsive, adaptable, and intelligent, preventing future occurrences of the same problems.

Every manufacturing process is essentially documented by fruiSCEĀ® ERP, which also keeps track of sensitive operational data such as expiries, non-conformance, CAPA, SOPs, MBR, and more across the enterprise. This increases operational transparency and helps the efficient management of the complete single or multi-divisional pharmaceutical production unit, according to the pharmaceutical manufacturing software. All essential company processes, including formulation, production, planning, distribution, finance/accounting, inventory, and quality control, are automated while also assisting in compliance.

Best Practices

The procurement of raw materials, the inspection of each stage of the production process, and the final product's quality assurance all require rigorous quality control. The ability to record data straight from the source and aid in quick analytics development is made possible by machine integration. Each stage of pharma manufacturing is supported by the fruiSCE® ERP, which also gives users the ability to avoid manual operations and enable compliance needs.



In order to report production completion and time stamps, fruiSCEĀ® ERP facilitates machine integration. Process mining capabilities assist in locating process bottlenecks and aid in leadership's ongoing process improvement. Managers can determine the most important optimization.

Artificial Intelligence

Industry Standards

Machine Learning

Industry Standards

Process Mining

Industry Standards

Key Features


General ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, financial statements, budgeting, invoicing, performance management, and taxation are some of the accounting transactions that are recorded and processed by fruiSCE® ERP.

Order Management

The practice of efficiently creating sales orders for clients and purchase orders for suppliers while taking into account all possible payment and delivery schedules is known as order management.

Sales Management

Oversee all aspects of the sales process, including sales order processing, customer contact, delivery planning, billing, receivables, sales quotations, and contracts.

Procurement Management

Handle all aspects of purchasing, including processing purchase orders, contacting suppliers, scheduled receipts, billing, payables, purchase enquiries, purchase requisitions, and purchase contracts.

Facility Management

Inventory management, often known as facility, enables firms to manage their logistics, operations, and inventory from a single system while lowering errors and boosting productivity.

Manufacturing Management

Item master, bill of materials, routing, processing of production orders, costing, labour management, and performance management are used to manage all manufacturing activities. The production processes can be carried out more effectively and quickly.

Material Requirement Planning

Planning what to manufacture and when to manufacture it helps a business run a production process routinely.

Party Manager

Plan using the MRP engine the acquisition of raw materials and manufacturing of final goods by taking into account all potential outcomes. Planning what to manufacture and when to manufacture it helps a business run a production process routinely.

Sales & Marketing

Manage your company's marketing initiatives, including traditional marketing, digital marketing, lead generation, meeting times, campaign and visit management, customer satisfaction, and service levels.

HR Management

Recruiting, training, rostering, payroll, benefits, retirement and pension plans, diversity management, retirement, separation, and employee satisfaction are just a few of the HR operations you may manage with integration to the financial and logistics modules.


The ERP system is compatible with taxation for all nations, including VAT and GST for all types of financial payments in accordance with legal requirements.

Business Analytics

All required business reports are provided in a format that is suitable for reporting and is simply customisable to meet your needs. By using up-to-date data from a single source of truth, management may make educated decisions.

Key Benefits

Sales Forecasting

With the use of accurate sales forecasting, inventory can be maximised and the right products can be supplied to meet demand.

Order Tracking

Any order may be successfully tracked and traced once it has been placed, from acceptance to fulfilment.

Revenue Tracking

From creating an invoice through receiving payment, the cost, expenditure, and other financial information can be tracked.


Purchase orders, inventory receipts, and the actual cost incurred can all be compared.

Product Coding/Naming

It enables universally recognised product coding and naming standards.

Real-time Data

It provides the user with real-time data at any moment in time.


The data from multiple systems can be consolidated to have one version of truth.

Automated Processes

To prevent fraudulent transactions, facilitate smooth corporate operations, speed up decision-making, and create a competitive business climate, all business activities are automated with appropriate data entry screens.

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